Giacomo Puccini-Marie

Boston Terrier, 6 years old
Certified Emotional Support Dog
Model/Actor, Bullying & Human Trafficking Prevention Mascot
Giacomo visits schools alongside his Mommy bringing love and support to bullied kids.

Giacomo appears in the Shiny Sheets for the Palm Beach Daily News in support of his Mommy and her concert there. 

Giacomo has been by Dawn Marie's side since 2014. He's traveled with her on buses, trains, plains, and ships throughout Italy, Sicily, New York City, Baltimore and Key West. Words can't describe the comfort, healing and pure joy  he brings.

He has appeared on Lifetime Channel's The Balancing Act in the Burt's Bees Fashion Segment, three of his Mommy's video shoots, and in a story on Bullying Prevention and Human Trafficking for WPTV. He also appeared in publications including the Palm Beach Daily News Shiny Sheets and Florida Woman Magazine.